Cpanellogd updating bandwidth high cpu

09-Jan-2018 10:52

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I am wondering if there is a way to have still download updates while in a game, and limit the rate, but not a global limit - so when I'm not in a game, it will download at full, and when I am in a game, I can limit it to only download at say 15mb/s instead, which shouldn't cause as much of an impact in performance. Another thing to know : you cant close multiple agents just by ctrl-alt-sup and clic, they dont have a single parent, so you must do that one by one.. Hello guys, I have a new fix that I haven't found anywhere on google.

I had similar issues when i closed the game today and the background downloader starter clocking over 30mb/s the CPU usage shot to 100% and the CPU temps went up to 70 degrees. After talking to Kevin on the support call (He was VERY helpful) we stumbled on a fix for me.

The plugin I wrote, only expects 2 parameters: a warning and critical level.

You should store this plugin in the following file: #!

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The game still responds, and I can play it's just stuttery./var/cpanel/bandwidth ——————– ● Files contain a list of the bandwidth history for each account. ● History files are stored in human-readable format, while actual bandwidth data are stored in round robin databases./var/cpanel/features —————— ● File name is inherited from the feature list name ● Contains a line delimited list of feature variables and a zero or one value ● Variables control what c Panel resources are available to users /var/cpanel/packages ——————- ● Contains a list of packages, named after the packages they represent ● If package belongs to reseller, file name is prefixed with reseller name ● Each of these values determines the values created in c Panel user file /var/cpanel/users —————- ● Contains a list of c Panel user configuration files, named after the user they pertain to.● Variables define account resources, themes, domains, etc.

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Other notable /var/cpanel directories ——————————– ● LOGS – This directory contains logs from account copies/transfers.Anyway, when running a I get something around that result.

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