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Even in cases in which the post requesting the donation has not led to a donation itself, it has provided information about transplants and donations to the community, allowing for the possibility of future donations.Before seeing a post about a 12-year-old girl needing a kidney, it had never occurred to Rabbi Ephraim Simon, co-director of Friends of Lubavitch of Bergen County in Teaneck, to donate his kidney.There are local business owners who join the list so they can respond to inquiries relating to their business.There are plumbers, housekeepers and babysitters who have joined Teaneck Shuls.Two hours later, she asked the moderators to take down her number because her phone was “ringing non-stop” with offers of help.Teaneck Shuls has facilitated several kidney donations.This September, Teaneck Shuls, a community email group serving shul-goers and others in the Teaneck vicinity, celebrates its 17th anniversary.Starting with only a handful of members, Teaneck Shuls now boasts a membership of nearly 15,000.

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Despite being Jewish-oriented, Teaneck Shuls is non denominational, and not all members of Teaneck Shuls are Jewish.The moderators often match up a person posting regarding losing an item with another person posting regarding finding that same item, thus performing the mitzvah of returning a lost object.Frequently, Teaneck Shuls has provided aid to those in a trying situation.This ended up leading him to donate a kidney to a father of 10.

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If it had not been for the post on Teaneck Shuls, that man may not have received a kidney.

Aaron Kornbluth, a former moderator, continues to assist Teaneck Shuls with its IT needs.