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“You beast Paul, that stung.” and then seeing him rolled up and it not really hurting at all as he had’t slapped hard, I began to laugh too. “You wouldn’t be laughing if I did it to you.” I said with a giggle. Lots of different thoughts went careering through my head in a matter of seconds but one thing did become clear, I actually wanted to spank him, but for real this time, but I must tread carefully.

“Ha, come on then, fairs fair.” He chuckled, and getting up off the couch he told me to sit down and layed himself across my lap. Maybe it was the way he was laughing at me or wether it was because he was so macho about it I don’t know, but I got angry. “Paul, let me get this straight, you want me to put you over my knee and spank you as if you were a naughty little boy because youv’e never had it done to you but you have allways wanted to try it, is that right? “You know if I do you’ll be very sore and crying by the time I’ve finnished don’t you? I saw him strugling with his feelings and then he nodded.

Giggling still, I began slapping his bottom and soon he was going oooh and aah at each slap and then he looked over his shoulder at me and was laughing again, so I stopped. “You wouldn’t be saying you were enjoying it if you got it for real Paul, now get up.” I said giving him a last slap. We were very quiet towards each other until bedtime, each waiting for the other to break the ice. “I, I, I’ve never had one and allways wanted to try one.” He said sheepishly. “Come on then.” I said smiling at him and still carrying the hairbrush in one hand while leading him to the bed with the other.

When he went for a shower I sat brushing my hair with the ebony hairbrush my mother had given me when I left home, she’d used the same brush on me when I did things wrong and boy did she make me sorry. I sat down on the bed and told him to lie across my knee and clamped my other one across the back of his two legs.

Every woman who gets off a funny line about men instantly becomes Medusa. Palmatier is a brilliant analyst, but in video conversations with her, Elam comes across as angry and crude.) Just as anecdotal evidence indicates that the emotional abuse of men is more widespread than the media reports, it also reveals that emotional abuse doesn’t have much to do with politics.

This trivializes genuine emotional abuse, and often masks simple misogyny. The abused tend to become abusers, a terrible reality that has more to do with the soul and psyche than who’s running congress.

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By the end of the night she is berating him outright, and as they exit the restaurant, the woman is in a full rage spiral, yelling about something unrelated to anything that has happened in the last three hours. And yet every person I know—and I’m betting everyone reading these words—knows a man who has been victimized by emotional abuse. I did just that recently when I was researching the epidemic of men and suicide, and what I found was disturbing.“I had a thought while I was in the shower, what did you mean when you said I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if it was real? I laughed at him, “Don’t mind me Paul, I was just annoyed at you attitude which was silly of me anyway so just forget it.” I said. “Er would you, could you, er, oh heck.” he stammered blushing even more. he comlied and I held it firmly up his back out of the way.He finnished drying himself with the towel he had around him and dropped it on the floor. ” he said nuzzling my neck again as I was still brushing my hair. It was if someone had switched a light on in my brain. “Well Paul, here you are, bare-bottomed over my knee just like you wanted awaiting your first ever proper spanking,and I am going to give it to you, I’m going to spank you with my hand until your bottom is nice and red and you are getting a bit sore and then I’m going to switch to the hairbrush and continue until I and only I have decided you’ve been spanked thoroughly, your bottom will be very sore and you will be crying very much but I’ll tell you now, I won’t be stopping no matter how many times you beg me until I’ve decided to stop which won’t be for a long time yet.” I said and I raised my hand just as he groaned.I yelped and sqealed and tried to get free but he held me tight and gave me about 30 good smacks laughing all the time.

When he let me up I stood there glaring at him and rubbing my bottom.Since it was longer and more developed than most I thought I’d use it to begin this page. I was in my babydoll nightie and matching bra and panties and Paul was just in his boxer shorts.

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