Dating spoilt woman

19-Nov-2017 19:44

The mother always called me back with an I'm sorry attitude.

She wanted to get married and I told her there was not way I would even consider it until both kids were out of the home and on their own.

I know i should walk away, its just hard having gotten so attached to her.i woudl get out now...

in the end i couldnt be happy playing second fiddle to both the child and the ex wife..i would never have been happy playing second fiddle to this kid because of the attitude...

Secondly if you had called my daughter a b**** I would have kicked you out of my house so fast. The mother is feeling major guilt over the divorce and is spoiling them because of the guilt.

It's not the right thing for her to do but she's their mother.i woudl get out now...

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I actually don't mind kids, as opposed to some on this forum that are actually repugnant in how they speak about kids. I have been kinda sucked in by the fantasy of those first few months spending all our time just the two of us.

Both were very spoiled, and the father wouldn't have anything to do with any of them, including paying child support.

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