Updating multiple fields in access

24-Aug-2017 12:06

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In order to update a set of records, we'll need to write a bit of code in the ASP.

NET page s code-behind class that batches the data and passes it to the BLL.

In the Data Access Layer we wrap the multiple Update operations within a transaction to ensure that all updates succeed or all updates are rolled back.

In the preceding tutorial we saw how to extend the Data Access Layer to add support for database transactions.

While the steps here are complete, they are presented tersely.

Refer back to the Customizing the Data Modification Interface tutorial for a more thorough discussion on why this additional Drop Down List item is needed to handle the queries to the database.Take a moment to view our progress through a browser.As Figure 13 shows, each row is rendered using its , which contains the cell s editing interface.Next, select each field and click the Convert this field into a Template Field link.

Figure 5: Convert the Existing Bound Fields and Check Box Field Into Template Field Now that each field is a Template Field, we re ready to move the editing interface from the Note The Customizing the Data Modification Interface tutorial contains a more thorough and complete discussion on customizing a template to include a Drop Down List as opposed to a Text Box.

Note In the Performing Batch Updates tutorial we created a batch editing interface using the Data List control.

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