Updating brass lamps

26-Jun-2017 23:57

Another way to tell if 31" legs are proper is to look at the top of the leg, and compare it to the location of the start button.If the top of the leg (as installed on the game) is nearly to the bottom of the start button, this game uses 31" legs.The 20N10L or 22NE10L or IRL540 are the best replacements, as they have higher drain current capabilities. It's a strange situation where if this chip is suspect, it can cause boot up problems (or issues when the game is warm.) 6264 RAM: main RAM at U3 for the CPU board.Note Cueball Wizard and prior System3 CPU games use a 6116 RAM (but these board can be re-socketed for a 6264).

But starting with Wipeout (except Big Hurt which appears to use 27" legs), Gottlieb used 31" legs.

I did, but of course like everyone, my repair techniques and ideas are gathered not only from my own experience, but from work that others in this hobby do and share at shows, on the internet, etc. Basic electrical knowledge is helpful, but not necessary.

So if you're the originator of some cool trick or tip in this document, and I'm not giving due credit, just let me know and I'll add you to the list of contributors above. I do assume you can solder and use the basic features of a Digital Multi-Meter (DMM) such as measuring voltage and resistance.

If replacing a 6116 RAM instead replace it with a 6264.

Chip Sockets or Machine Pin Strips: keep 8, 14, 16, 18 and 40 pin sockets around. An even better (but more expensive) alternative is "machine pin strips".Please see for details on the basic electronics skills and tools needed. If a schematic is not available, order one from one of the sources on the suggested parts & repair sources web page.