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In the Eastern Hemisphere rabbits are found in Europe, portions of Central and Southern Africa, the Indian subcontinent, Sumatra, and Japan.The European rabbit () has been introduced to many locations around the world, and all breeds of domestic rabbit originate from the European.Urine is also used in chemical communication ( animal communication).When danger is perceived, the general tendency of rabbits is to freeze and hide under cover.Rabbits are ground dwellers that live in environments ranging from desert to tropical forest and wetland.Their natural geographic range in the Western Hemisphere encompasses the middle latitudes.However, even in European rabbits social behaviour can be quite flexible, depending on habitat and other local conditions, so that at times the primary social unit is a territorial breeding pair.

Skeletal adaptations such as long hind limbs and a strengthened pelvic girdle enable their agility and speed (up to 80 km [50 miles] per hour).

Rabbits solve this problem by passing two distinctive types of coprophagy).