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Readers will forgive me, I hope, if I have to treat some rather delicate topics in what follows.

Talking about the evil effects of dumping raw sewage into our streams is much less embarrassing than examining the evils of dumping the parallel equivalent of raw sewage into our sexuality.

While it is quite natural to have problems of this sort in men over 40 (although it has been made worse by increasing obesity and the diabetes that often comes with it), a significant rise in the number of young men with ED is historically unprecedented.

In one study, one in four men seeking treatment for ED was under 40 years old—setting off an alarm for clinicians.

If intemperance and greed destroy the natural environment, do they also destroy the sexual environment?

Before the soirée Shereé Whitfield had met with Kim and her husband Kroy.

Shereé decided to invite Kim to Ne Ne's party without telling the host.'You're my ex-gay friend, so we're going to do it,' laughed Shereé, referencing Kim's reported bisexuality.

Kim criticized Ne Ne for parking in a 'handicapped' space outside Sachs, and anticipated that she might 'slam the door' when they arrived.

Porsha previously tried to organize a conciliatory chat with Ne Ne.'She needs to fix her lying tongue first,' snapped Ne Ne.'She threw Phaedra out of the bus and jumped out of the damn bus to save her own a**,' raged Ne Ne.'Porsha is on my ''don't give a f*** list'' right now,' she continued.

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Defiant Porsha, 36, claimed she didn't want to attend anyway.'I would rather pluck each one of my toenails out, put them in a glass of Hennessy and take them as a shot,' she announced.Ne Ne hired a team of shirtless men in bow ties to spice things up at her party.'This is my kind of party,' remarked Cynthia.