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20-Jul-2017 20:43

While we have made sure that all resulting build failures within Gentoo are fixed, this may not be the case for runtime issues, and certainly can affect third-party code (e.g., "hand-installed" server applications). General purpose advice on updating Perl can be found on page [4].

So I copied the Perl libraries local to machine from some other server.

To declare a package you write: and any symbols you declare reside in that package.

When you create a symbol (variable, subroutine, etc.) Perl uses the name of the package in which you are currently working as a prefix to create the fully qualified name of the symbol.

In a way, this is a pity, because you may fail to learn about packages and they are extremely useful.

The exception is when you package, so that you can access it without using the fully qualified name.

The code itself and the data do not; the symbols are the names of pointers that point (indirectly) to the memory areas that contain the code and data.

To refer to a global symbol we could write the pragma).So when I was trying to run my application Perl was looking for some path when it was build. Finally stack overflow came to rescue – the following link describe how @INC is constructed.I did some search on internet and first thing I found was this link I went to next link what i got from this – @INC is defined when Perl is compiled and it is embedded in the binary code. I needed a specific version of Perl to make this application work. I could not install of make any kind of changes on this system.

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But It did not work as Perl was build on other server.When you create a symbol, Perl creates a symbol table entry for that symbol in the current package's symbol table (by default .

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