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07-Aug-2017 14:44

Puerto Rican men need a secure, loving, supportive, loyal woman who doesn't control them, doesn't question everything that he does and doesn't suffocate him.

It seems that Latina women are the complete opposite.

Jessie taught me that no matter what you give a man, or how good your intentions are, it doesn’t mean he’s gonna take what you give and do good things with it.

Giving people important parts of yourself is no guarantee that the person will use those resources to do as you intended them to do with them. It was easy enough to get over Jessie, as soon as I laid my eyes on Richard, my heart swoled up in my chest and popped.

I've had marriage proposals, gifts, money, everything offered to me, none of which I accepted.

I feel sorry for those of you who feel the need to put us "gringas" down because it's all you can do to make yourselves feel better.

Things would never work out between us, we did have an *interlude* later in life, after having became close friends after graduation and during mid high school.

He was already on his way to becoming someone whose personality would not meld with my own.

They have no life of their own, so they try to dominate the man's.My son considers himself white with his nationalities being mostly PR and Hungarian. You claim to be such caring and loving people well than open your heart girl and let some of your good assets out. You might find that it is easier to be friendly rather than to be so closed and mean.We have been to PR several times which myself and kids love and we also make sure we attend yearly Hungarian functions. she lets a man run over her and that is where the money comes in.. What im trying to get to here is that i was raised to love all man kind and not be jealous with what others have or had, just to accept the happiness of others as i would expect them to accept my happiness. My husband and I feel the same as you regarding the control issue and latina woman and the jealousy.

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We are very happy together and have always enjoyed and learned from each others cultural differences. LOL Mari7, Do you always do what man tells you to do?

I knew we were doomed back in first grade, though, when I tore out a page from my favorite coloring book to give to him, and he happily took it and then commenced to color the entire thing black.