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” or pounded down his door and sobbed for another chance.

You have held your head high and pretended like an Oscar winning actress.

So I booked a ticket to Thailand and took off halfway across the world all on my own.

I was already gone by the time he heard about my adventure; one we had always talked about taking together. there were a lot of frantic calls and texts waiting for me. The texts and frantic calls were the icing on the cake; he was already dying for a way back into my life.

Now is the time to put on a happy face and pretend all is well.

Think of it as faking it to make it; pretending you are just fine, until you actually are just fine. You’re probably having the urge to jump at him and fall deeply in love again, but it’s not time yet.

” Look, you and I both know it’s not as simple as snapping your fingers and making it happen. But figuring out how to make your ex miss you is possible.

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But before we get to texting, let's go through the game plan that will have your ex boyfriend scrambling to see what you up to.Before you know it, the seeds will have been planted to make your ex miss you like crazy. Do something fun, visit your friends, go to the movies, show him that your life hasn’t stopped.And you will be having a blast building up a master plan. Here’s what happens when you leave town after a breakup: word gets back to your ex boyfriend, who assumes you are already moving on.But in the midst of a breakup, when you are looking for ways to make him miss you, that vulnerability needs to be kept in check. Your internal thought process right now may be a steady stream of questions: But you want to keep those questions to yourself for now. And as we’ve already discussed – you don’t want him to know that you miss him. He needs to think you are moving on, igniting in him the desire to win you back. For the record, it is normal for you to spend nights wondering and worrying, wasting countless hours Googling how to make your ex boyfriend want you back.

So cover that heart of yours up for just a little while and keep your cards close to your chest. Most women experience a similar state of grief and even single-mindedness at this point, so don’t chastise yourself for that.

You are gone, and with that distance he realizes that you are currently out of reach. Years ago, when I split from my ex, I decided I deserved a vacation.