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All those artists were given that at birth by way of their families. The natural tendencies of our hair did not allow us to leave the house without a proper flattening iron.

Beyond that, a lot of artists express themselves through music and how they present themselves.

Once we got into the studio, it was just a question of reproducing and tracking those layers.

When we make a record, we don't discuss how we are planning on doing it. If you look at our last record, is sort of a reaction to what we were experiencing at the time.

Elsewhere he sings, "I'm in love with poisoning," but fails to mention whether that's a good or bad thing. spoke with Havok about his emotions, growing older with his music, and the dark side of his fantastic hair. Was there a particular theme you were going for with that title?

When there are so many themes running through the record, people choose which they want to focus on, which are more poignant to them at that point in their lives. It sounds like different levels of sound are just stacked on top of each other, like those classic Eighties 4AD and Factory Records releases.

The Californian alt rockers — once called an emo band back when Havok rocked a huge angular side-fringe, lip piercing and eyeshadow — are gearing up to launch their tenth record, self-titled but referred to as .

"Somewhere in the middle of [writing] it, I started to recognise that lyrically blood was reoccurring and it wasn't something I was consciously doing.

I think, first of all, you have to be lucky enough to have the genes to do that. [] At one point we were overseas, and both Jade and I had plugged flattening irons into an outlet and caused them to explode.But the explanations of his pain are cloaked in cryptic messages and interred under thick beds of slick sound.