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19-Jun-2017 10:12

While we do enthusiastically make Pi Day-themed pies every year, that's about the extent of our arithmetic prowess.However, when heard that you can use math to perfectly cut a bagel, we had to investigate. Hart at Stony Brook University used math to come up with the best-ever way to cut a bagel.Not only does it link the two sides of the bagel together for easier eating, but it also creates more surface area for cream cheese schmearing.Check out the below video to learn from a pro how to cut your bagel like a mathematician.This focus on meaningful relationships is also what has helped the company monetize the app, says Kang.

“We grew up watching him build his dream,” said Kang.

The Kang sisters went on to raise .8 million in series A funding.

CMB has now made more than 2.5 billion introductions and created more than 50,000 happy couples.

“We said when we grow up we should start something, too.” Of course, the sisters had no idea they would create a dating app.

But the sisters liked the idea of helping people make what Kang sees as one of the most important decisions of their lives — their choice of life partner.

Users can also give and steal matches for others.