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16-Jan-2018 04:03

Ok, now I was sure that this is not malware but hacking.

So I went to check https://com/Activity for susipcious activites and report to support page.

Last Friday around while working on my Mac, I suddenly started to get messages from many of my contacts saying: “What is this link?

But I have not installed anything special recently.

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So I look at which sites has been hacked by and https:// and yes…

The backdoor, which bypasses a permissions check by the Skype client whenever a dashboard widget requests access, could allow an attacker that already had local access on a system to control the Skype client.

Someone using the dashboard widget application programming interface (API) could, for example, get notifications of incoming messages; read, modify and create messages; retrieve information on any contact; and record the audio—but not the video—of any Skype call to disk.“You can do pretty much everything that Skype can do,” the researcher who discovered the issue told The researcher found the backdoor during a penetration test and audit of the software.

I use Password Manager, I don’t use same passwords (but I used to).

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If I need to do something really critical I have virtual machine that I boot up that runs plain Linux with no extras installed.The others are natural resources (including land), and labor — the stock of competences embodied in the labor force.