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13-Aug-2017 20:23

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Every week, we’ll be back to discuss everything from online dating to personality quizzes and everything in between.

New episodes will go live every Wednesday at 12 p.m. This week, we’re talking dating deal breakers — what gives you pause early on in a relationship?

Friends’ tales of failed dates and fleeting flings aside, if you’re being honest, online dating can lead to a lasting romance.

In order to attract like-minded people, you first need to spend quality time setting up your profile.

And are those little quirks enough to send you packing or do you stick it out to see where a new relationship will go?

Our Social Media Manager, Caitlin Timson, and our Editorial Assistant, Kelly Etz, chat about their own deal breakers and hear from a few of our readers.

Psychological research over the past few decades throws up some principles that actually go against what is traditionally considered “romantic” in a relationship.Melanie Schilling, Psychologist and Dating Coach, advises, “Spend some time pondering your three highest values; the things that are fundamental to who you are and how you live your life.For example, if you value family, health and adventure then make sure your profile reflects this.The only responses that made the list where the solution required more than a bottle of soap and a bit of elbow grease—or a lot, depending on how repulsive the bathroom is—were poorly behaved pets and no air conditioning or heat.

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The second category of deal breakers—those involving decoration—were far less serious, with ripped or damaged upholstery coming in as the most recorded deal breaker and ugly or inappropriate artwork as the second. That won't work for 50 percent of the people you bring home.Rick, 29, says he isn’t scared off by women who scope out his views on marriage soon after matching online.