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Editorial 18 Decembrie 2017, de Octavian Țâcu Spuneam în articolul precedent dedicat problemei legitimității Sfatului Țării la Conferința de Pace de la Paris (1919), că unul din cei mai importanți și înflăcărați apărători ai intereselor Basarabiei a fost Ion Pelivan.


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Proiectul se numește Scriitori contemporani la muzeu și propune scriitorilor să fie muzeografi pentru o zi.

Toti o fac pe desteptiii Dar nu sunt decat frentzii Ne-ntrebam de ce E ee Criza asta-i E ee Mult mai rea aici la noi Si Udrea-i din plescoi!

For the past two weeks the government (...) Who’s the real winner of the world cup? As part of the preparation for the World Cup in Brazil, around 15 millions were spent for the refurbishment and construction of 12 stadiums, 900 million dollars for security (part of it is the 22 million dollars agreement with (...) Free the Sambistas in Belarus-Down with all governments Anarchy - Order without leadership!… continue reading »

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I'm a fellow heterosexual male who grew up in the said tropical islands, and is willing to give you a few tips when dating a Filipina girl. So freshen up on your cologne if you really wanna impress a Filipina girl.… continue reading »

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I was giving him some advice on property at his house and he asked: ‘So when are we going to have sex? It was funny because when we did go to bed, I told him I was shy, so I got undressed while he wasn’t in the room. I’m sure there must be men out there who think that log fires, red wine and walking along a beach are totally irresistible but nearly everyone of my age writes an online profile like this. Write something different, such as: ‘I love climbing mountains!… continue reading »

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"I love a man that knows what he wants - someone who isn't afraid to act out his fantasies with me.… continue reading »

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You can’t deny that they’ve benefited from not only the publicity but also the money.… continue reading »

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