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22-Dec-2017 08:23

I am not saying 100% that an addict cannot be a good partner but from my experience both personal and professional the relationship that theactive addict is in falls far below on the scale of things that are important to their drug of choice.

That being said if two people are addicts and they find each other and they are OK with the fact that drugs come first then yes maybe their relationship will be easier.

In either case, the adult codependent is a person who puts more value on the person they love then on their own welfare.

A co-addict or codependent may lose their identity.

The only identity they create is through the person they are codependent on.

Don’t you find it strange that most addicts marry codependents or co-addicts who end up putting their addiction and problems above their own?

This relationship is actually a pretty natural one.

Co-addicts need to hide behind others and be submissive and addicts need someone to take care of them and put up with their behaviors.

How can you fix the relationship and the dynamics of it if you do not understand why it happened in the first place?In this resistance they find that the abuser only becomes more irate.Their response to fight for their well-being gets them nowhere.For example, if a child’s parent/s or caregivers are addicts then the child may learn early on that they must put their parent and their addiction first.

They are naturally going to come second to a parent’s addiction so they lose their voice, their sense of self and learn to grow up taking care of an addict parent or family member.An addict is naturally attracted to a codependent or co-addict.

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