Validating yourself Strap on free adult chatting

29-Dec-2017 07:49

I dare say that most people in their 20s have a high tendency to be people pleasers, especially given how important social media is.An officemate of mine said, the amount of Facebook likes you get reflects how good of a person you believe yourself to be, as people won’t like your posts if they don’t like you.There’s only one “you” in this world, so don’t conceal or fake that.Let the world see the real you because you’re worthy. It traps you in a square that only leads to desperation — and nothing else.We all want to be liked, but changing who you are to be liked means you’re not actually liked for who you are.The difference now is that I know how to handle my insecurities.

However, have you ever considered that you don’t have to pay mind to everything?

Another friend told me that when she posts something and gets only a few likes, she deletes it.

I, on the other hand, never cared about likes — until my friends told me I should care. So, I decided to put on a show to keep up appearances through social media.

Don’t ever try to change aspects of whom you are just to fit in to a group. The people who will love the real you are the people with whom you should be friends. Just accept that some people are bound to dislike you, and it’s nobody’s fault.

It’s difficult to build genuine friendships, a full life and a healthy self-image if you’re always trying to please everybody.

Loving yourself has a huge influence on whether or not you will ever have the right kind of love that you will need one day.