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28-Aug-2017 07:44

Some have even admitted to 'falling in love' with the 'pretty' machine (right) The alleged automaton, some social media users have even admitted to 'falling in love' with, was at the Japanese games convention to promote a new Play Station 4 game Detroit: Become Human, which revolves around android Kara, who escapes the factory where she was made Karen X Cheng, a 'viral video director', went to the CES conference in Las Vegas back in January and pretended to be a robot.She was so convincing, or perhaps robots are so lifelike, that people believed her.As part of an in-depth investigation for Quartz, reporter Keith Collins discovered that, since the beginning of 2017, Android phones have been collecting the addresses of nearby mobile transmitter towers.That means Google has access to data about the locations and movements of any Android user.

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Location-sharing does not appear to have been limited to a particular brand of Android phone or tablet.This is not the first time that 'android' visitors have made a splash at gaming conventions.

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