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16-Jan-2018 08:39

Unfortunately my little girl got her first bout around 6 months so i think she's a bit sensitive like me - I've given up on 'natural' remedies because they do not give fast and effective relief.You have a bacterial infection and it will not go with a couple of pots of bio yoghurt.Tried the normal pessaries, these just fell out the next morning completely undisolved.I saw my GP who recommended the cream pessaries I mentioned earlier.i generally use the pessary, i feel this works best for my body. I got a tube of Clotrimazole 1% cream (generic, not branded) over the counter at my chemist for about 2.99.I was told by the Pharmacist that it's the same stuff that's in the Caneston cream???i liked the cream as it was 'cooling' and stopped the itching (Cant imagine having it on a day like today poor you) but i paid about 10 i think over the counter for it so if you cant afford it you could try the natural yoghurt thats meant to work as others said (the thought of that grossed me out hence why i bought the cream) you can also get somethings from the chemist where they do a prescription for you but i dont know if you can get that on minor ailments or not? For something like that at my surgery i could explain to receptionist what it is and she would get a script written for me to pick up - if gp didnt want to do it first they would phone themselves and explain what it is but if its really itchy and not a chance it could be anything else (sti) then explaining that they should write you one. im going away at the weekend and want it gone but i guess thats going to be wishful thinking!

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any replies natural yogurt. If you get help with prescription charges then you should be able to go to the pharmacy and ask for canesten. Or natural yogurt spread on a pantyliner can soothe the area, and diluted tea tree oil on a tissue when wiping after going to the toilet xxi had thrush once before (no point in being embarrassed about it as its something we all get and its caused by anything you have done etc) and got the cream and a tablet together and it cleared it up quite well.You would be maybe best seeing your GP so it doesn't ruin your weekend ~x~ To get rid of it quickly I'm pretty sure you'll need something like Canesten .From the GP or pharmacy , cream and a pessary (sp ) .I dont mean to be blunt but there is noway you will be thrush free by the end of this week if you do not go to the chemist and get something over the counter.

Iv been suffering from thrush for years, iv had at least 4 bouts so far in 2012. All materials contained on this site, whether written, audible or visual are the exclusive property of Catholic Online and are protected under U. and International copyright laws, © Copyright 2017 Catholic Online.