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Chinese medicine claims to be the world's first organised body of medical knowledge dating back to 2700 BC. 100 beds were reserved for Europeans and 250 beds for Indians.The Chinese system of 'bare foot doctors", and acupuncture anaesthesia have attracted world-wide attention. Up to 1894, there were only two Surgeons, one of them occupied the Chair of Surgery and was designated the "First Surgeon" and the other occupied the Chair of Anatomy and was designated as the "Second Surgeon".He is perhaps the toughest and fiercest Goron around, but is often out of duty because of back pain.The "art of healing" began thousands of years ago with the innovations of the primitive man trying to provide relief to those close to him, in sickness and suffering, motivated by feelings of sympathy and kindness.

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At these locations, the workers will let Link register wild horses, take out registered horses, sleep in the beds, and provide provisions and quests.

In the absence of an obvious explanation, his limited intelligence attributed disease and other calamities to the anger of God, the invasion of the body by evil spirits or the influence of stars and planets.

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