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These steps are usually done with PAVE-certified software that also prints the barcoded address labels and the barcoded sack or tray tags.This means that every single mailable point in the country has its own 12-digit number (at least in theory).However, when confronted with two addresses like 18 and 18C, often CASS will assign the same 12-digit number to two distinct mail delivery points. diplomatic missions overseas is addressed as if it was to a street address in Washington, D. The four-digit diplomatic pouch number is used as a building number, while the city in which the embassy or consulate is located is combined with the word "Place" to form a street name. Embassy in New Delhi, India would be: Unique ZIP Codes are used for governmental agencies, universities, businesses, or buildings that receive such extremely high volumes of mail that they need their own ZIP Codes.The last digit is always a check digit, which is obtained by summing all 5, 9 or 11 digits, taking the residue modulo 10 of this sum (i.e., the remainder after dividing by 10) and finally subtracting this from 10. Each mission uses a ZIP 4 Code consisting of 20521 and the diplomatic pouch number. Government examples include 20505 for the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.In the cases of large cities, the last two digits coincide with the older postal zone number In 1967, these became mandatory for second- and third-class bulk mailers, and the system was soon adopted generally.The United States Post Office used a cartoon character which it called Mr. He was often depicted with a legend such as "USE ZIP CODE" in the selvage of panes of postage stamps or on the covers of booklet panes of stamps. Postal Service introduced an expanded ZIP Code system that it called ZIP 4, often called "plus-four codes", "add-on codes", or "add-ons".An example of a PO Box only ZIP Code is 22313, which is used for PO Boxes at the main post office in Alexandria, Virginia, such as those used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.In the area surrounding that post office, home and business mail delivery addresses use ZIP Code 22314, which is thus a Standard ZIP Code.

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Herb Klein, special assistant to President Nixon, responded by saying the next printing of envelopes would include the zip code. But initial attempts to promote universal use of the new format met with public resistance and today the plus-four code is not required.

For example: The "16" was the number of the postal zone from the specific city.