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As police regulated zoning of brothels away from the public eye, professional prostitutes moved toward working as independents. The police allowed a premise to open if it was situated at least 315 metres from a church or school, while advertising was prohibited.

Other regulations included forbidding a premise to operate under the guise of another institution, such as cafes and billiard room.

Polish garrisons had their own brothels, and as Europe progressively adopted the Napoleonic system of regulation, state-regulated prostitution became established in 1802 (in Prussian and Russian Poland) and in 1859 in Austrian Galicia.

In 1843 the Russian governor introduced a tax on brothels and prostitution, and 30 years later created the committees to oversee regulation.

The regulations required all women in commercial sex to register and undergo regular gynaecological examinations which were recorded in 'passports'.

Despite this, there existed an illegal sector of women who chose not to become part of the public register (some estimates give as much as 90%).

A Hungarian explorer to Poland in the early seventeenth century, Márton Szepsi Csombor, wrote that when he passed through Lipnica Murowana they were "surrounded by a swarm of unclean maidens to flatter and compliment us and play and sing".

In Bochnia the city authorities from time to time passed ordinances against "harlots and loose people".

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Chastity or "purity" societies, and women's groups organized meetings and conferences.

Administration was the responsibility of the police under the Ministry of the Interior.

Local committees made of police and physicians administered the regulations.

Police had the powers to forcibly register women they suspected, which could simply be women having relationships outside of marriage.

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A number of factors contributed to the growth of the sex trade in nineteenth century Poland, including increasing urbanisation, with growing cities and a population shift from the land to the towns and cities.These cities established municipal brothels and taxed both prostitutes and brothelkeepers.

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