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04-Dec-2017 17:59

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Even if The Hoya wants its columnists to focus primarily on dispensing dating advice, it’s an unavoidable fact that sex is a central aspect of most college relationships.

If The Hoya can’t reconcile itself to that fact, it should get out of the sex column game.

The Cornell Daily Sun, for example, has run a couple exceptional sex and dating columns by Jenna Bromberg and Liana Mancini.

Harvard student Lena Chen found significant online fame thanks to her well-written blog, “Sex and the Ivy: The Bleeding Heart Nympho’s Guide to Harvard Life.” What makes for a good college sex and relationships columnist?

When Hannah wrote an article about oral sex etiquette last year, for example, The Hoya refused to run it.

“[V]ulgarity is discouraged through all sections in The Hoya,” then Guide Editor and current Managing Editor of the Hoya and Marissa Amendolia (COL ’11) wrote in an e-mail.

I wouldn’t call her progressive—she devoted her second-ever column to extolling the virtues of The Rules, the 1995 advice book for women that praised the virtues of playing hard to get—and she was known to include Carrie Bradshaw-isms like “that got me thinking” in her articles.

In one of her more meta columns, Allison published some of the feedback she was receiving about the column, and the biggest criticism was the chastity factor—Georgetown students wanted more sex.

[See 50 Sultry Facts About Sex] Students saw the two settings (party versus date) as drastically different, each having their own rules and purposes.

“I was called the sex columnist, but I didn’t really discuss sex,” Allison said during an interview with the Voice this June.

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