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Originally appearing in a run that started in 1933, the pulp literature character was introduced as a “peak” human.Trained from birth by a team of scientists and experts in every field, Clark Savage Jr.’s intense daily exercise regime and supreme intellect keep him at the top of his game as the perfect adventurer.Instead of a nice historical introduction, there’s a bit introducing the cast.While not badly written, sometimes such pages are a hint that the book you’re opening is overburdened by continuity.The dialogue is modern enough while still retaining a very pulp feel.There’s a no-apologies craziness about the whole series of events, rather explaining afterwords than ruining a surprise with unneeded build up.

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Luckily, Savage grew on me, and I needn’t have worried about the continuity.

This Bronze Age title, in turn, reworked some of Lester Dent‘s earliest stories from 19.

There are four stories here, The first couple stories are adapted by Roy Thomas and Steve Englehart with Gardner Fox and Tony Isabella handling the latter two.

While the story seems to jump right into the action (with some very Bronze Age Marvel villain designs) it works perfectly like that.

I think the book actually opens with an adaptation of the very first pulp story, so it must have worked like this right from the start.Ross Andru does the majority of the pencils along with help by Richard Buckler.

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