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The pilot was reworked to revolve around an SNL style series, and was accepted by NBC.She signed a contract with NBC in May 2003, which allowed her to continue in her position within SNL as head writer at least through the 2004–2005 television season.“The Kardashians on the Kardashian Credit Kard”While the thought of Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliott, and Bayer at all resembling Kardashians seems kind of baffling on paper, the trio ended up nailing the reality stars’ high-pitched ramblings.“Dawn Lazarus”A recent addition to her arsenal, but a big hit nonetheless, nervous mumbler Dawn Lazarus was so great at giving the weather on Update, SNL brought her back in Bayer’s very last episode.Fey might be the best Weekend Update anchor who ever did it. The reception was positive, with Rachel Sklar of the Chicago Tribune noting that the pairing "has been a hilarious, pitch-perfect success as they play off each other with quick one-liners and deadpan delivery".s February 2015 appraisal of all 141 SNL cast members to date, Fey was ranked third in importance (behind John Belushi and Eddie Murphy).They credited her with "salvaging 'Update' from a decade-long losing streak," and "slapping SNL out of its late-nineties coma." In 2002, Fey suggested a pilot episode for a situation comedy about a cable news network to NBC, which rejected it.

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After I lost weight, there was interest in putting me on camera." Her role in Weekend Update was well received by critics. Fey delivers such blow darts – poison filled jokes written in long, precisely parsed sentences unprecedented in Update history – with such a bright, sunny countenance makes her all the more devilishly delightful." Dennis Miller, a former cast member of SNL and anchor of Weekend Update, was pleased with Fey as one of the anchors for the segment: "...

One out of every four people has it—and so should you.” (while attempting to promote Hermès handbags) Dana (one of a pair of loud-mouthed, unfriendly retail employees who always insult their coworkers out of fear of being fired), Kyra from "The Girlfriends Talk Show", and an unnamed blond former porn star-turned-model/commercial actress who hawks elegant items.

Most of her recurring characters are either very feminine, polished, youthful and/or mentally unstable.

Fey broke into comedy as a featured player in the Chicago-based improvisational comedy group The Second City.

She then joined SNL as a writer, later becoming head writer and a performer, known for her position as co-anchor in the Weekend Update segment and, later, for her satirical portrayal of 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in subsequent guest appearances.In 2015, she co-created the Netflix comedy series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.