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However, the farther two ants are apart, the more the expansion increases the distance between them.If an ant on one side tries to run to one of her sisters on the far side of the balloon, she may find that the distance between the two of them is increasing faster than she can close that distance.3) Maxwell’s laws, like all physical laws, are independent of how fast you’re moving.So the speed of light must also be independent of how fast you’re moving. So when you see equations like (“energy equals mass times the speed of light squared”), you may ask yourself “what in the hell does light have to do with how much energy is stored in the mass of an object? C is just a speed, and and all the other equations with C would stay the same even if light didn’t exist at all. A good way to think of it is to first ask; how do you know when you’re moving faster than something else?If you draw a picture on the surface of a balloon, then if the balloon is dented somewhere or even turned inside-out, the picture remains the same (all the distances, angles, densities, etc. Point of fact: it may be that the balloon is a completely false metaphor for the universe as a whole, since the best modern measurements indicate that the universe is flat.That is, rather than being a closed sphere (hypersphere) it just goes forever in every direction.

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Photons are just another podunk massless particle, whipping around the universe as fast as fast can be.First, the universe doesn’t expand at a particular .