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20-Jan-2018 02:32

My ex-wife and I rarely spoke our minds, and when we did, things had already escalated to a point at which rational discourse was impossible.While I was far from used to speaking my mind when Nicky and I first got together, the ability to do so in a non-judgemental way that both parties would feel comfortable with was, and is, incredibly liberating.Many people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or how healthy their relationships are, will identify with this struggle.Both men and women are taught to conceal their feelings; men are expected to adhere to the outdated notions of masculinity by hiding their emotions and vulnerabilities, while women frequently compromise their own feelings for the sake of retaining a partner.

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As in any relationship, she has learned to read my emotional cues and predict my reactions, as I have hers, but we remain committed to the principle of being both honest My previous marriage of almost eight years had been based on lies, deceit, and a constant battle for moral superiority that, sadly, many people will identify with.

In many instances, telling someone how you truly feel can require even greater tact, diplomacy, and restraint than a “typical” interaction, in which we tell the person what we think they want to hear.

Practitioners of radical honesty, whether the homegrown version Nicky and I adopted or the formal teachings outlined in Dr.

In light of established societal expectations, some might argue that the benefits of radical honesty outweigh the potential gains.

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In my experience, the pros definitely outnumber the cons.

Having conditioned myself over the years to conceal my emotions and bury my feelings deep beneath the surface, I sometimes struggled to articulate myself as quickly, or as honestly, as Nicky did.