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Flirty texts don’t just "wow" your partner one time; they're often read, re-read, and, you guessed it, re-read again. Expert texting gives you the power to invade someone's thoughts..stay there. My program will hand you the tips, tricks, and strategies for creating and keeping passion and desire burning red hot through texting, whether you’re single or in a relationship.Creative text exchanges are fun, effective, and a breath of fresh air for many relationships. The same winning message that was just read three times by one special person can be re-sent to other people you might have your eye on now or in the future, multiplying your flirting capabilities and giving you even better odds of finding your perfect match. And they had been able to effectively take their skills and apply them to texting, the modern day version of the passionate love letters of days gone by. So, when it comes time to put the cell phones down and meet up face to face, either for the first time or the three hundred thousandth time, reconnecting and “getting in the mood” will not be an added task on your to do list.So, next time you meet a fantastic girl, don’t send her: “Nice to meet you, Kevin”. Couples, if you’re in a long term or long distance relationship, then you know that keeping the passion alive requires a lot of work.Instead, make your text stick out from all the rest she receives and wow her with: “Beautiful, smart, and you like spicy wings. It’s hard not to lose track of all the fun, flirty sexiness that you once enjoyed together.Keep in mind that it’s critical to personalize these messages before sending them in oder to sound authentic, and be successful.We’ll teach you step by step how to craft your own captivating texts in three different “flavors” - funny, sweet, and sexy. Dating coaches typically cost upwards from /hour, and you can bet your bottom dollar that not all your dating questions will be answered in an hour.Don’t send your significant other text bombs such as: “Hi, how are you? ” Learn to send them something that will stay in their mind a lot longer, such as: “Loving you is a dream.I never want it to end.” You have a golden opportunity: Take advantage of this unfair, underused seduction weapon before others catch on.

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You’ll have message ideas at your fingertips for a huge range of situations.

Some of the messages will have you giggling, and others will make you want to open up your collar...there’s really something for everyone.

The program also includes useful, entertaining scenarios to help you avoid blowing it with your dream match. what’s the price tag for this ticket into their heart? The program that I’ve put together is like a handheld personal dating/relationship coach that will save you time, energy, and heartbreak.

It will also put all the odds in your favor so you won’t stay eternally single, watching one dream partner after another fall for someone else.

Sending stellar messages to your crush sets you apart from everyone else on the dating scene. They’ll be as hot for you as if you showed up in person with a sexy French accent... Well, you could do like I did and spend an insane amount of time studying over ten years of romantic texts, losing opportunities, making mistakes, and trying to unlock the secrets to what works.