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Wrongly accused of having a high rate of criminality, black males often struggled for years to get out of the convict lease system.Due to abuses and corruption, the state ended this program after December 31, 1894, and finally had to build prisons to accommodate convicted persons.They feared that the county would be stigmatized as a "death county". By 1917 the Parchman property had been fully cleared.

By the end of June, 163 Freedom Riders had been convicted in Jackson and many were jailed in Parchman.

He began by mocking the Freedom Ride, being quoted saying, "y’all all a time wanna march someplace. They were denied most basic items, such as pencils and paper or books." In our cells, we were given a Bible, an aluminum cup and a tooth brush.

The cell measured 6 × 8 feet with a toilet and sink on the back wall, and a bunk bed.

We were permitted one shower per week, and no mail was allowed.

The policy in the maximum security block was to keep lights on 24 hours a day.

Generations of black men were trapped in the system.