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28-Nov-2017 21:09

The desk had about twenty employees, and included researchers, who analyzed financial data; sales traders, who took calls from clients about buy and sell orders; and traders, who executed the orders.

According to a former employee, before the crash of 2008 the desk’s yearly profit was nearly three hundred million dollars.

After the war, the bank concentrated on its domestic market, playing a significant role in Germany’s so-called economic miracle, in which the country regained its position as the most potent state in Europe. Although the bank’s headquarters remained in Germany, power migrated from conservative Frankfurt to London, the investment-banking hub where the most lavish profits were generated.

The assimilation of different banking cultures was not always successful.

Many businesses in the Russian Federation avoid taxes by using offshore jurisdictions, such as Cyprus, for their headquarters.

Rich Russians, meanwhile, often funnel their private fortunes offshore, in an effort to hide their assets from the capricious and predatory Russian state.

Deutsche Bank was helping the client to buy and sell to himself.

At first glance, the trades appeared banal, even pointless.

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Both the Russian company and the offshore company had the same owner.Frequently, this fugitive money is invested in assets such as property: on Park Lane in London, or Park Avenue in New York. house prices and, to a lesser extent, with a strengthening of the pound sterling.