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03-Feb-2018 04:55

App fanatics cite all sorts of reasons why they believe mobile is the future of law computing, but the ability of apps to technologically arm an attorney on the go continues to be one of the format’s greatest draws.

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That’s all good.” The only major caveat amid all the app fervor is security.“Because I can type fast, I much prefer the full-size keyboard on my laptop. But they’re fun to use, easy to take with me and pretty nice for reading.Even if I bought an external keyboard for the i Pad, I would much prefer the 15.5-inch screen on my laptop over the 9.7-inch screen on the i Pad.” What’s more, he says, “for creating content, I find tablets to be awful. If ultrabooks live up to their potential of being the best of a PC and a tablet in one package, I’ll give my i Pad to my kids, who will use it for what it seems designed for in the first place—playing games.” Fortunately for app makers, there are hordes of attorneys who do not share Henley’s view.Microsoft Office isn’t installed on my i Pad, nor can it be, and almost none of the programs I use daily will run on an i Pad. Consequently, app fans can look forward to another torrent of fresh product—both from software vendors and firms looking to stay technologically current—during the coming year.

Of course I could try to find apps that do some of the same things. “Tablet penetration in the legal field is on a very steep and rapid adoption curve, and that creates the pull for more apps,” says Paul Mansfield, president of his own legal technology consulting firm in Corrales, N. “So we’ll see all of the legal market vendors vying for position by tying mobile devices to their core systems, either directly or via a cloud interface.” Further intensifying the availability of apps is the anticipated emergence of ultraportable laptops as a serious alternative to tablets and smartphones, Mansfield adds.Over the years, law firms and corporate clients have put all sorts of safeguards in place regarding the data they’re entrusted to guard on mainframes, desktops and, more recently, laptops.

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