Updating firmware on sony blue ray player

08-Aug-2017 03:59

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The application of firmware in such products provides a basic operating system platform that allows the execution of complex instructions that enable the component to operate. Downloaded and installed by the user directly from the internet to the device.

In order to install a firmware update in this fashion, the device (usually most Blu-ray Disc Players, Network Media Player/Extender, Internet-Enabled TV, or Network capable Home Theater Receiver with a built-in network connection) is able to access and download the needed update directly from a special website file created by the product manufacturer.

One of the biggest advances in home entertainment since Blu-ray itself is this year’s introduction of 3D televisions, 3D Blu-ray players, and 3D movies for home users.

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We’ve written extensively about Blu-ray technologies during the past several weeks.Just as everything else that consumers have to cope with these days: HDTV, HDMI, 1080p, 4K, LCD, OLED, etc...It is now apparent that more and more, another water cooler discussion topic at the office will be: "Have you installed the latest Firmware version?Besides, how many times would you want to go to Grandma's house just to update the Blu-ray Disc player?

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In the vast majority of cases, firmware updates are provided free via the manufacturer, but there may rare cases where a specific firmware update may require payment of a fee - this usually reserved when a manufacturer offers a new feature, as opposed to a routine update to fix an operational problem or compatibility issue.However, in some cases, this may be what the manufacturer requires.