Updating date field

15-Oct-2017 13:20

When any exception or error occurs in Siebel, the cause is given by a specific error code.

Whenever we face an issue, we try to Google or search for a resolution mostly from Oracle Support, IT Toolbox, Siebel Unleashed etc.

So, if the date in "First_Session_Used" is 6/7/06, the date would need to be 6/1/07 in "Scheduled_Review_Date".

So, I need an update query which will help me accomplish this. Question #2: Once I get my dates updated in the table using the query above, I need to modify the form so that the "Scheduled_Review_Date" is done in the same way as Question #1.

Why is the formula not called when the value inside the datefield is erased?

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When a workflow executed the step to write in this EBC it exited with the error below:- - -SBL-EXL-00151: Error sending Trouble Ticket to TTM.So, suggestions on how to modify the form so that it inputs the information that way. Thanks, Arholly Hiya, For the Update Query (assuming a table name of Table1, and using Date Start as the first date field and Date End as the updated date field): UPDATE Table1 SET Table1.