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With the publication of her memoir by Tim Duggan Books, Murad says she wants to see Yazidis in captivity released, the resettlement of survivors, the removal of landmines in the Sinjar region and prosecution of Islamic State.But more than anything else, she says: 'I want to be the last girl in the world with a story like mine.'She now lives in Germany and has become a campaigner on behalf of the Yazidi community.They watched us walk through the streets with our captors,' she writes.'They let us scream in the slave market and did nothing.'Murad was lucky that the strangers she found in Mosul helped smuggle her to a refugee camp.Her new owner was a high-ranking ISIS judge named Hajji Salma (Pictured, Murad cries as she visits her village for the first time since being captured, June 2017)'It never gets easier to tell your story.Each time you speak it, you relive it,' Murad writes in her book.'[But] my story, told honestly and matter-of-factly, is the best weapon I have against terrorism, and I plan on using it until those terrorists are put on trial.'United Nations investigators estimate more than 5,000 Yazidis were rounded up and slaughtered in the 2014 attack, and UN experts have said the Islamic State was committing genocide against the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq.Enter the world of unlimited free Girl porn, and you are sure to stay with us for hours!

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Her new owner, a high-ranking ISIS judge named Hajji Salma, told her: 'You're my fourth sabiyya (sex slave). It's to help you.'Recounting the seemingly endless rapes by men who bought and sold her was clearly difficult for Murad.'At some point, there was rape and nothing else.