Data updating replication software

02-Nov-2017 09:40

Dbvisit Replicate uses its own efficient internal redo log-based mining change data capture (CDC) technology to detect changes to replicate and distribute the changed data in real-time across Oracle and non Oracle databases.

When it comes to Oracle database replication one size does not fit all.

Dbvisit’s Replicate offers different product editions and pricing plans to align what you purchase with your current requirements.

Ideal for extracting data from up to 200 Oracle tables in real-time from a transaction oriented database; for creating and managing near real-time read-replicas that feed reporting, real-time business decisions, data warehousing, data analytics; data migrations and for other applications.

In some cases, you may want to prevent the keyspace from sending replicas to particular data centers — or restrict a keyspace to just one data center.

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For more information about replication, see Data replication.

And this version also allows you to stream your data directly to kafka using the Dbvisit Replicate Connector.