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20-Nov-2017 19:13

Just a different name, different sizes and different identities but we belong in just one community.

Here’s my story, I grew up in province and I used to be this effeminate gay guy until college.

Enjoy quality time with the most important person in your life–YOU.

The weekend getaway is a hilltop retreat house just half-an-hour away from Ortigas, in a safe and affirming space designed for insightful introspection.

After graduation I decided to find a job here in Manila, and I don’t know why but I decided to change myself—-I mean, my preferences about everything.

I started working out, bought new clothes and tried my best to really make myself look presentable and manly. With a great (but many times unconscious) desire to conform to what we think others expect of us, we follow paths that inadvertently disconnect us from the authentic yearnings of our core.

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