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Whatever Hillel's position, his authority was sufficient to introduce those decrees handed down in his name.

The most famous of his enactments was the Prozbul (possibly from the Greek προσβολή, prosbolḗ = "delivery"), an institution that, in spite of the law concerning cancellation of debts in the Sabbatical year (Deut. The motive for this institution was the "repair of the world", i.e., of the social order, because this legal innovation protected both the creditor against the loss of his property, and the needy against being refused the loan of money for fear of loss.

Restoration Campaign The Restoration Campaign is well on its way in the Elementary School Wing. Before we know it the students will be in their brand new classrooms.

Your family has taken the first step in planning a momentous occasion.

The maror, if lettuce or endive, is dipped in the meal's traditional charoset (a finely chopped sweet mixture of fruits and nuts, typically apples, walnuts, red wine, cinnamon, and honey) just before the sandwich is made.

In Ashkenazi families where grated horseradish is used for the maror instead of lettuce or endive, the maror cannot be dipped in the charoset, so it is the custom to spread the bottom piece of matzah with horseradish maror, cover it with a pile of charoset, and top it with another piece of matzah to make a hot-sweet sandwich.

After the resignation of the Benei Betheira, Hillel was recognized as the highest authority among the Pharisees (predecessors to Rabbinic Judaism).

Hillel was the head of the great school, at first associated with Menahem the Essene, who might be the same Menahem the Essene as the one mentioned by Flavius Josephus in relation to King Herod, afterward with Shammai, Hillel's peer in the teaching of Jewish Law.

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Hillel lived in Jerusalem during the time of King Herod and the Roman emperor Augustus. 357), the periods of Hillel's life are made parallel to those in the life of Moses. 34:7), and at the age of forty Hillel went to the Land of Israel; forty years he spent in study; and the last third of his life he was the spiritual head of the Jewish people.

As a community, Hillel’s faculty and administration look forward to partnering with you for this simcha.

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