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05-Jan-2018 13:13

Pulsatilla is one of the main remedies in homeopathy for the rubric “worse by heat”, and hence cured. The reason is that it has a tendency to increase the flow of oxygen to the site of trauma.It was simple homeopathy and not ‘Joepathy’, which i believe is associated with Arnica, Nat. In case of physical trauma, to the site of injury, and in case of mental shock, to the affected part of the brain.One year ago just a leaf of Helix Hedera reversed hydrocephalus in a small child where everybody else gave up and family were utterly poor slum dwellers, were unable to afford any decent medical attention.

I would like to copy first the last post on the ABC on this thread which a member dug up from the archives which gave me the idea of copying it on my own website to give visitors a better understanding of my own vision of Joepathy which is in my opinion an extension of Homeoapthy which works in a manner that classical homeopathy cannot equal.That is why it is one of the leading remedies in the cases of brain haemorrhage too.Evn when a person is very fatigued after very severe hard work, a dose of Arnica brings a calming influence and takes away the fatigue due to increased oxygenation in the blood. (this is biochemic theory and not a homeopathic one) is the main biochemic remedy to restore the acid-base order in the body.There should be circumstances calling for Arnica, rather than prescribing it left, right and center to all comers. If Joe would read Von Grauvogl and his description of the usefulness of Nat. in asthama cases in hydrogenoid (Grauvogl’s term for people who suffer from excess of water in their body) constitutions, he would realize why it works in these cases.

And why it does not work in some cases where he needs to resort to Arsenic, Blatta etc. These discussions are only going to enhance everyone’s knowledge and hence keep them flowing.

Fundamentalism is the root cause of all problems because fundamentalists believe in some medival Last Testament. One was the poor paid donor and other was the girl, all transplants last few years.