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So your lifestyle and running your websites is a part-time thing for you? hotwifeblog: How did you get into the hotwife lifestyle? Although I have been extremely sexual and wild for a long time, he knew just what I like! hotwifeblog: Tell us about your recent gangbang experience with Christina Noir? Emma: You could say that…I love cocks and I love to fuck! Emma: I would love to have a big orgy surrounded with lots of hot bodies sweating as the night goes on, climbing over people to fuck someone who is further away. It makes we crazy just thinking about how it will be… My God Emma, I don’t think I can move for a bit after that one. Emma: Just visit to see the adventures I will take you on. resize=865,576" alt="Night Falls on Buffalo Bayou" width="865" height="576" data-lazy-srcset="https://i2com/

a weekend meetup with Thomas Hawk in my hometown of Houston.\n\n Nikon D40\n20mm, f\/10, 30 sec, ISO 200\n ND400 9-stop filter","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"\u00a9Almond Butterscotch Creations","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"Night Falls on Buffalo Bayou","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="Night Falls on Buffalo Bayou" data-image-description="Taken during a weekend meetup with Thomas Hawk in my hometown of Houston. Prior to that it was exciting and fun too, but being married makes it sooo much better for me. On the other hand, I always like a man who appreciates all I can offer and brings all of their experience to the bed, table, countertop, shower, pool, etc. hotwifeblog: How many lovers have you had since becoming a hotwife? Emma: It was this last one that I did in San Francisco. ‘The Fan Gangbang’ hotwifeblog: What’s the most amount of men that have attended one of your gangbangs? hotwifeblog: Do you have a preference of black or white lovers? Emma: My husband usually takes care of that along with setting up shoots. But we have a long weekend starting in a couple days, so I would not be surprised if we did it 15-20 times over the next few days. Emma: I like both but I really like to feel a cock in my pussy. hotwifeblog: I’ve read you like to eat other women’s creampies? hotwifeblog: Does your husband like to have sex with you just after you’ve been with someone else? He loves to see my pussy open up wide and to see that it has been fucked so hard and so well while he is watching, it makes his cock so fucking hard he will fuck me all night long…me sleep for an hour and roll me over…another hour and then make me sit on his cock…another hour and anything goes. Emma: Well, everyone is different so I can only say what works for me. Emma: You will see me getting fucked a lot along with creampies and behind the scenes life of a porn star. Emma: Only a couple of years..since I’ve only been married that long. I love to fuck young hard cocks and show them just how I like it. You’ve participated in a number of gangbangs which one has been your favorite? Emma: Yes, but if you know how to use it, then it’s not going to matter that much. hotwifeblog: How do you find your lovers and partners? Sometimes, I’ll call him over to fuck me in the middle of what I’m doing. hotwifeblog: You’re very much sexually active with your husband then? We did it twice two days ago, three times yesterday, he wants to go for the Superfecta (four times) tonight. Well, it’s only because it is a full work week for both of us. Emma: Both hotwifeblog: Do you prefer giving or receiving oral sex? hotwifeblog: A common theme in your galleries seems to be creampies. hotwifeblog: Have you ever received a multiple creampie from different guys? Emma: Yes, I love to have a little clean up action…as long as they share it with me. I love to eat pussy anyway but cum just completes the transaction! hotwifeblog: What advice would you give to couples thinking of trying out the hotwife and swinging lifestyle? Just communicating works well and then we have such a free and open, wild time no matter what, hotwifeblog: You have a couple of websites and - tell us about the treats we can find by joining these websites?Well there’s one phrase that I’ve noticed is very high on the list of search phrases and this incredible lady happens to be the subject of my interview today “Emma Starr”. Emma first came to my attention being the literal ’star’ of various gangbang experiences. Keep in touch to tell us more of your future hotwife tales.

Just recently Emma and Christina Noir went up to San Francisco to hook up with members of their websites to give them some special attention.

Phrases like “the new Black Mecca” and “the next Atlanta” have been used as if Houston is currently the best kept secret in Black America.