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Robinson’s book was the first comprehensive treatment of the dating of the NT books since Harnack’s Chronologie des altchristlichen Litteratur, published in 1897.

It is a genuine work of scholarship by a man thoroughly versed in the NT text and the literature bearing on it.

He tells us that his attention was drawn to the Synoptic Problem in 1937, when he read Dom John Chapman’s book Matthew, Mark and Luke.

He has been grappling with the problem ever since and in this book he offers his solution of the problem; but his main concern is the dates of the Synoptics.

So the 40s/50s bookend the early marker, while P-52 bookends the latter one: the papyrus fragment proves that the last Gospel was well in circulation by the 110s.

Thus, the original manuscript must have been written some years before.

Assuming the development of (2) as a premise, that leaves us with a range between (1) and (3).

The traditions circulated through oral tradition for at least some years before being written down.

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Carmignac is sure that Matthew and Mark were originally written in Hebrew. Robinson dated the composition of Matthew from 40 to 60, using dots to indicate the traditions behind the text, dashes to indicate a first draft, and a continuous line to indicate writing and rewriting. Similarly, he dated Mark from 45 to 60, Luke from 55 to 62, and John from 40 to 65. This would not have been the classical Hebrew of the Old Testament, nor that of the Mishnah (c. D.) but an intermediate form of the language, such as the Qumran sectaries were using in the 1st century A. Papias, the Bishop of Hierapolis in Asia Minor, who died about 130 A.

D., tells us that Matthew wrote his Gospel in Hebrew, and Carmignac has made a good case for holding that the same is true of Mark. The latest dates that can be admitted for Mark (and the Collection of Discourses) is 50, and around 55 for the Completed Mark; around 55-60 for Matthew; between 58 and 60 for Luke. If that is so, we could not say that the Gospel of St.