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26-Aug-2017 09:22

The photos of 12 Years a Slave are a perfect example of looking real but does nothing for me.

Now had they suspended her or pulled her taut spread eagle facing out between 2 poles it would be hot. Alas, but we all know that mainstream films do this on purpose. de Mullotto passes away: That's sad news, although not exactly a big surprise, since I had heard rumors of his failing health for a few years.

And as it's already been alluded to, he was one of the first to graphically do extreme stuff. ------------------------- Pedro: Hey, thanks for giving us the heads up on the whipping scene.

I had seen that clip online a while back, but the site where I saw it closed down.

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Customers demanding “the real thing” are different from those who are happy to watch a well-executed simulation.I thought I'd give you a heads up about a the whipping scene which is far the best in my opinion I have seen so far in a mainstream movie.

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