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(See Protection)Purchase protection benefit survey 2016 chart -- 4 out of 5 cards offer some kind of extra purchase protection. (See Retail card survey)The big chip card switch: living with EMV -- Has the EMV chip card shift been successful?

What we can expect of our cards in the near future. (See EMV )Survey: Card acceptance for tuition rises, but so do fees -- U. colleges and universities are more card-friendly, but fees for charging tuition are rising, according to a new Credit survey. (See Survey)2016 Credit Card Tuition Payment Survey data -- Find out if the college you're attending will let you pay tuition with a credit card -- and at what cost ...

Sienna Kossman is a former staff writer and content curator for Credit Balance transfer: the best way to pay down card debt?

Prior to her graduation from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, she spent a summer writing consumer-friendly health and money articles for U. -- If you’re committed to paying down any lingering card debt, here’s how to tell if a balance transfer will be a cost-effective approach. (See Balance transfer)7 easy ways to protect your credit while holiday shopping -- Fraudsters may be more likely to strike during the holiday season when consumer spending is high, so vigilance is especially important from November to January. (See Holiday fraud)2017 Credit Card Fee Survey: Consumers catch a break -- Changes to credit card fees have decreased, foreign transaction fees are going away, and the rest can be avoided. (See Fee Survey)Back-to-school credit guide 2017 -- Credit resources for shopping, learning about credit and managing debt during the back-to-school season. (See Tips)How to check your child’s credit report: Step-by-step instructions -- Here are the steps to take when contacting the top three credit bureaus if you suspect your child is a victim of identity theft ...

Our 2015 survey data offers store-by-store details to help you find the right one for you ...

(See Retail card survey data )Fed: Card balances rise for 6th straight month -- The country’s revolving debt balance grew 5.3 percent August, marking the sixth consecutive month of growth this year, the Federal Reserve said Wednesday ...

(See Poll)Poll: Pay with cash or card for purchase?

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(See EMV )Poll: 32 million adults have started shopping for the holidays -- The calendar still says summer, but millions of Americans have already started -- and a few have even finished -- their holiday shopping. (See Early holiday shopping poll)Fed consumer credit report: Card balances rise 5.7 percent -- The national revolving debt balance rose 5.7 percent to 4.6 billion in July, the Federal Reserve said Tuesday ...(See ATMs)Fed: March card balances rise 14.2 percent -- Consumers added .1 billion to their credit card balances in March, the Federal Reserve said Friday ...(See Balances)Poll: Women lose more sleep over money worries than men -- When it comes to financial matters, women worry more and sleep less than men, according a new Credit poll. (See Poll)Fed: February card balances bounce back -- Consumers are adding to their credit card balances, as card debt increased 3.7 percent in February, the Federal Reserve said Thursday. (See Debt)Poll: 70 percent of consumers have EMV chip cards -- Chip card issuance surges, according to a new Credit poll, but retailer acceptance lags ...(See Lottery guide)Fed: Card balances spike 7.4 percent -- Revolving debt balances increased yet again in November, the Federal Reserve said Friday. (See EMV cards and tipping)Fed: Card balances rise only 0.2 percent -- The expansion of credit card balances continued in October, marking eight straight months of growth, the Federal Reserve said Monday. (See Consumer credit report)Magnetic stripe begins its farewell tour -- Like paper maps and clamshell phones, the magnetic stripes on the back of credit cards have started sliding into obsolescence. (See Balance transfer survey)Fed: Card balances rise for 7th straight month -- Revolving debt rose 8.7 percent in September, according to a Federal Reserve report Friday. (more)Retail card survey 2015: Average APRs inch up -- The average APR on the credit cards from America's largest retailers has risen to 23.43 percent, according a Credit survey ...

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(See 2015 Retail Card Survey)Chart: 2015 Retail Card Survey data -- In the market for a retail card?(See Balance transfer survey)0-percent balance transfer payoff calculator -- Figure the monthly payment needed to pay off the balance transfer before the interest-free period ends -- and the price if you can't quite make it Use the following calculator to evaluate whether or not that new balance transfer offer is a good deal ... Android)Credit card interest rates decrease to 14.92 percent -- December 17, 2014: Average rates on new credit card offers decline slightly to 14.92 percent this week, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Rate report)Average card rates rest at 14.95 percent: Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report -- December 10, 2014: Average rates on new credit card offers held at 14.95 percent this week, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report ... Chang's)Are schools putting students’ personal data at risk?

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