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Your home is fully customizable, from size to features.

To meet your requirements, Hidden Valley Homes provides strong and beautiful materials, proven brand-name fixtures and appliances, professional workmanship and a family tradition of quality – giving your new home lasting value.

Discover Our Newest Neighborhood A collection of large homesites, ranging from 1/2 to over 1 acre featuring wooded, rolling landscapes in private, natural setting.

These larger homesites provide ample space for custom homes with spacious backyards for fabulous outdoor living.

They will personally partner with you to build the home of your dreams.Years of experience, using quality materials and knowing how to best use those materials are how we express ourselves.” Atkins & Associates Homebuilders have successfully built many homes in various parts of Williamson County, ranging in price up to million dollars.They firmly believe quality begins with the team that builds the client’s home from ground up.This idyllic neighborhood consists of 41 homesites situated in a picturesque, park setting.

Magnolia Park will feature a collection of extraordinary Artisan Bungalows, each with a charm, and character all its own.

“The more we allow people to express themselves, the more likely they are to turn the houses we build into homes.