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Dear James, In New York City, weather observations have been taken in Central Park dating back to 1868.In the 150 years of records the city’s temperature extremes span 121 degrees ranging from a high of 106 on July 9, 1936 to a low of minus 15 on February 9, 1934.Smooth out the year-to-year fluctuations, and Central Park is getting about as much snow as it always has.

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(A trace of snow is defined as any amount less than 0.05 inches.) These have decreased, too — in fact, they’ve fallen pretty sharply.

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So, this evidence isn’t quite as impressive as the answer we got by looking at record-setting snowfalls, but it points in the same general direction.This week, they could be joined by a blizzard dubbed Winter Storm Juno. I downloaded Central Park’s daily snowfall totals for the past 100 winters (1914-15 through 2013-14) from the National Climatic Data Center.