Africian dating

06-Sep-2017 09:02

Many Greek myths are centered around Mycenae including the legend of King Agamemnon, who led the Greek forces during the Trojan War.

Because they were one of the earliest and most advanced Mesoamerican cultures at the time, they are often considered the mother culture of many other Mesoamerican cultures. Around 400 BC the eastern half of the Olmec’s lands was depopulated- possibly due to environmental changes.They may have also relocated after volcanic activity in the area.Another popular theory is that they were invaded, but no one knows whom the invaders might be.Archeological evidence proves that their exodus was an organized one that was unrushed, which leads us to believe that they were not driven out of Petra by another culture.

The most likely explanation is that when the trade routes they relied on moved north they could no longer sustain their civilization and left Petra behind.Their power also included military might as they fought many wars against the Annamese and Chams. The decline of the Khmer Empire can be attributed to any combination of several factors.