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05-Feb-2018 21:26

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These two former Rangers have strong ties to the franchise, and have been huge representatives of Power Rangers for decades.

Of course, we're talking about Amy Jo Johnson and Jason David Frank, the original Pink and Green Rangers.

So it should come as no surprise that actress Amy Jo Johnson, better known as the woman behind Pink Ranger, happily agreed to perform on the streets of Toronto if, and only if, she could raise enough money for her upcoming film, castmember David Yost to thank."As your friend, I've got a challenge for you," he shared in a You Tube video.

"I challenge you to go out in a large public space.

Jason David Frank is one of the most well-known members of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers cast, largely because of his outspoken support of both the fans and the series.

It also doesn’t hurt that he was the coolest guy on TV in the ‘90s, and everyone wanted to be Tommy Oliver (who didn't want to have hair like that? JDF has truly embraced the show, and the impact it had on his life and career.

It’s awesome that we get to see two of the most iconic Rangers on screen again, and let’s hope the new film lives up to the show’s legacy.

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Remember the time you flew us all to Hawaii for our first live appearance?

"[The filmmakers are] definitely very specific about what issues we're going through, you know, what normal, 17-year-old kids go through," Scott told Johnson.

"A kid can relate to any one of us in some way." "I can't do any of the acrobatics like you [used] to," she jokingly added.

"I really wanted to be Rita [Repulsa], but Elizabeth Banks got that part," she added.

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Here we are 23 years after the inception of your Japanese brainchild, “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” I wanted to take this opportunity to finally thank you for allowing me to be your original Pink Power Ranger.

In short, Haim, congratulations on the new “Power Ranger” movie and reinventing your franchise! Amy Jo Johnson is best known for “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” “Felicity,” and “Flashpoint.” The American-Canadian singer-actress came to prominence in the early-1990s as part of the original “Power Rangers” cast.

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