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are they fashion gurus now what the fuck ) Jeongguk left the agency in a haste with a scowl and a grim look on his otherwise handsome yet exhausted looking face. Is there trouble in paradise or is this just a made up drama to boost Jeon’s popularity? Apparently, his contract with Music Mo Ent only lasted a year and the idol, despite being a part of the agency for years as a trainee and six months as an idol, has decided to leave.It’s not surprising in the least since Music Mo Ent is known for taking sixty percent out of the idol’s income and mistreating them with vigorous practices with little to no salary.Bighit Entertainment says, "We are glad to say that Kim Taehyung is out of danger and is recovering at a fast rate, motivated and supported greatly by his family, friends, and fans.Last June 26th, Taehyung collapsed due to exhaustion and was admitted to the hospital immediately.i hope he’s resting well and keeping safe and taking care of himself. we’ll always support you and Recent rumours has occurred of Kim Taehyung (23) exiting Seoul Hospital on July 3rd, supported by his long time friend Kim Minjae and manager Kim Seijin who tried to cover him from prying eyes and succeeded to do so.i remember last december on his birthday, he just collapsed and consequently my fucking heart collapsed with him when i heard the news. The rumours however were unfounded but now, exclusive here on KPOP News, Bighit Entertainment releases a statement of the state of the former actor and model.

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Is he leaving his current agency "Music Motions Entertainment" or is a collaboration on the works here? yoongispiano if jeongguk is collabing with anyone from bighit— oh man, i’ll die bc FUCK YES, BITCH jeonggukswife i just hope he’s fine and why did dispatch even describe his outfit. Jeon Jeongguk, new idol known for his single "Love is Not Over" leaves its former agency Music Motion Entertainment and has signed a contract with Bighit Entertainment.More info here jeonggukswife i didn’t expect this but deep down, i wished for it and there isn’t any better agency for jeongguk to join than bighit.

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