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Professional gear have a "sync clock" that makes it automatic but this is expensive.

At less expensive level you have to work "hard sometimes" with sync.

See Some Science More and more artists are utilizing Bohemian Guitars in their live performances and studio albums.

From Hozier to Jeff Beck, check out what the the growing list of Bohemian artists are doing with our guitars.

Please also understand that I do not answer questions about PC configurations.

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so the problem of base has to be either left right out or the Y connector. which has a control panel with buffer setting which can be increased or decreased .

Thanks Sergio, Something has just got me worried a little and this is offtopic from this thread but , i have bought the focusrite audio interface and worried that there may be some issue with the bass.

I connect the left right out from focusrite to a Y connector and connect this to 2.1 speakers I find that the woofer is not producing any bass.

In this article we'll discuss microphone placement, and other relevant recording techniques used in commercial studios to cut a successful acoustic guitar track, and apply them to the less formal home or project studio setup.

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Preparation Prior to recording the instrument, change the strings - ideally the night before the session.Always have a tuner within reach, and check the tuning on a regular basis (after every take, if necessary) depending on how well the guitar retains its tuning.