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28-Sep-2017 21:37

Once it gets a bit further away -- or it's above you, visibly lost against the bright sky -- then it's more convenient to use the camera view on your tablet, seeing what it's seeing, to help navigate.It automatically corrects for wind, so slight gusts won't throw it off course, but trying to get closeup footage of a tornado is not a good idea.There are small, fold-down brackets to hold a smartphone, with the app optimised for use with the On each top corner of the controller are buttons for starting and stopping recording and quickly changing camera settings like the exposure and angle of view.Using these physical controls is much easier than poking at the tiny on-screen controls while the drone is airborne. When you take it out of the box, just start charging the battery and the controller (a supplied lead charges both through one plug), and download the DJI Pilot app onto your i OS or Android device.I managed to fly it straight into the roof of my house where it plummeted three storeys to the grass below.Aside from a few cosmetic scuffs, it was absolutely fine, and continues to fly without any trouble.Even so, the first time you use it should be in a very open space, and you should stick to basic manoeuvres until you get the hang of it.When you first get your drone, it's worth checking DJI's downloads site for any available firmware updates -- oddly, I didn't see an update notification in the app, even though there was one to download.

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Although you could technically fly any of the previous drones indoors, the new sensors provide better stability, making it able to hover in a fixed location without any control from you.

Once everything is charged, switch on the controller and the drone, pop your phone or tablet into the bracket and connect your mobile device with its usual charging cable to the controller.

Then, after a few simple steps on the app, you're connected and ready to go -- around five minutes of playing around had me up and running.

Updating the camera firmware is a long process, albeit fairly straightforward.

You'll need to pop the camera's micro SD card into your computer, download the firmware, unzip it and put it on the card.

You'll know how to do it already, since the blades are the only parts you need to assemble out of the box.